Our Team

Abhijeet Vishwakarma

Abhijeet - The name says it all Victorious”. A born leader with more than 120 plus treks including many national treka is the founder Raahi Trekkers. One of the strong pillar. IT professional by profession but a true trekker by heart and photographer by choice. With basic rock climbing and first aid certificate mountaineer has climbed almost every mountain in Sahyadri ranges. He is also the power house of Raahi, A gem of a person with excellent management and decision making skills, full of energy and enthusiasm. He is totally dedicated towards all the tasks that he is to do, be it family, friendship or handling team Raahi. The one person you can rely without any worries during any trek. One of the honest, hard working and master in finding run time solutions. One should always take lessons from him on leading the group 😃.. and yes the ultimate say about him is he is the symbol of Ecstasy

Manoj Hande

Manoj is the Co-founder for Raahi Trekkers. The cute little Jigar Challa of the Raahi family. Please do not focus on the word cute though He comes with a vast experience of trekking Sahyadri as well as Himalayan terrain. Always calm and has sweet smile on his face no matter what the situation during the trek and personal life. Managing tough situation with his calm nature is his plus point. Known for less talk untill you know him better. Trekking and traveling with him is always fun and happening 😊😊 He is one of the happy faces of Raahi Trekkers. MANOJ the “Avayeebhaava samaasa”

Nikhil Kokate

A chemical engineer by profession and hard core Trekker by passion. Nikhil is one of Sr. leading members of RAAhi Trekkers, responsible and fun loving person. He is BMC certified mountaineer and has great experience of Trekkering in Sahyadri and Himalayas as well. He can easily get involved with all the participants and make a positive environment around himself. He has lead RAAHi for many many technical and non technical treks which includes Ganpati Gadad waterfall rappelling, Lingana Climbing Expedition, Alang-Madan-Kulang and many more. Apart from Trekking, he one of the best mobile photographer and captures unbelievable real-life moments through his mobile camera. He loves to write wonderful stories for each pic he captures. U can follow him on Instagram @k__nikhil.

Deepika Karande

The true inspiration of Team Raahi. She has completed Advance mountaineering course from NIM. Hardcore trekker and always the support system of team Raahi trekkers . She is the most experienced and technical mountain girl in our team. She is perfect combination of perfect leader and management person. A true solution finder for every problem. She has extensive experience of major parts of sahyadri and did almost all difficult treks in Sahyadri. She likes exploring new routes and treks and constantly focuses on it. The only girl we who is less addictive to self-photography during trekking. She is a trekker for lifetime.

Suresh Mandge

A software engineer by profession and hard core Trekker by passion. Suresh is one of leading members of Raahi Trekkers, responsible and fun loving person. Has great experience of Trekkering in Sahyadri and Himalayas as well. The one, who got irritated in Japan, without any treks on weekends and dared to trek Mount Fujitsu. Apart from Trekking, he love to capture beautiful moments through his camera and soon to be furture photographer of RaahiTrekkers.

Rutuja Patil

There is a phrase in Marathi, Patil kuna kade kam karat nahi, this suits perfect for our mountain girl Rutuja. With an independent entrepreneur, She is also our Marketing specialist and a full time​ female Trek leader for RaahiTrekkers. With more than 30+ treks under belt, great technical knowledge about mountaineering​ and two Himalayan treks, she adds and proves that she one of the most reliable, responsible and fun loving Trek leader.She is also good at people management and marketing ideas. Most of the marketing ideas implemented at RaahiTrekkers are based on her thoughts and ideas. So be ready to get more and more ideas on our treks.

Sneha Khude

Known by the token name "Chota Don" is One of the most active, responsible and caring person of team RaahiTrekkers. With more than 100+ treks under her belt she delivers all her experience during our events. Totally reliable, fearless and caring is what the persona of Sneha. Our participants love to hear her trekking experience and Trek with her.